Monday, June 17, 2013

Seventh Fret Haven

There is a saying in the bass world: "There's no money above the seventh fret." I don't know where this phrase comes from but if Geddy Lee's playing is any indication, [my seats were just that good, the second time around] it's true. All the '80s music was played strictly blow the seventh fret while the music off the newest album was all over the neck, including well above the seventh fret.

I've been spending lot of time learning the fret board and you know how you can check your tuning with the five frets down, one string over technique? Well using it you can play the the 5th fret of one string, and the open string of the string below it and have the same note. You can do this backward by going to [duh, duh, DUH!] the seventh fret! Suddenly [if nothing else] BEAD being the second most used alternative tuning [Drop D being the first].  

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