Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bloody Little....

I hate tambourines. I really can't stand the consent jingling, so when I played the open E string on the New Guy and heard a metallic rattle I was not happy. Okay, honestly I thought it was his [is it weird I refer to my basses by a non-intimate object pronouns?] new bridge. I thought I did something wrong [again] got the wrong bridge, or messed up placement; so I ignored it.

Months later the bridge hadn't fallen off and showed no signs of movement, I started thinking it was something else, and I remembered the strap locks. They were metal, and had way too many moving parts, and sure enough they were the problem.

I went to TB to see about strap lock muting and all I got was, take them off/buy a thicker strap/get a different type of strap lock. Since I have too much invested in these strap locks [over $30] I want to keep using them, plus I love my straps. It looks like I'm in new territory here, but I will be trying some stuff.

[Or I could just played plugged in 24/7 since that's the only time I don't notice it.]   

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