Saturday, November 24, 2012

Air Singing and Tambourines

I think the best kind of concerts feel like a jam session. Everyone has they're part even if we fans only have the part of sing-screaming the lyrics; it still makes us feel like we're instrumental. Some [drunk] fans might feel the need air-insert-instrument-of-your-choice [no one has ever air-sung] but it's all good fun when it's short and no one gets hurt.

But there is a line. That line is people who bring tambourines.

I've been to one too many concerts where some lady has pulls one of these noise makers out of her purse. Unfortunately this has happen at christian concerts so it is frowned upon to break said tambourine/break said lady's wrist or tell her to fuck off; most are left to do what so many christian are good at: frowning and glaring. Unless you are my mother who will tell the wannabe Esmeralda that her tambourine is bothering her poor disable daughter. [I promise we only use the disability card for good!]

I guess people think tambourines are easy to play, that's why they drag them along instead of hyperventilating into a much more portable harmonica. Don't get me wrong tambourines can be alright in the hands of professionals [see video below] but then again I've been blindly in love with this band since just out of middle school so my judgment is probably off.


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