Friday, November 23, 2012

What's that Sound?

I did alot of research before adjusting my bass' action, I was prepared to hear fret buzz the moment I picked up Igor. I however was not prepared for when I picked up Igor and totally forgot what fret buzz sounds like... [I blame the top 40]. So I've been looking all over youtube for videos of fret buzz and still I can't really tell, maybe the cameras aren't picking it up right, or maybe I've stopped making it. 

One video really throw me, the guy said if you can't hear the fret buzz though the amp don't worry about it. I've never been able to tell if I'm making fret buzz with an amp, thus I really don't know what to think of this one. I got an amp two months after my bass, it set idle for along time because I knew I was making fret buzz without it. It might of been fine with that set up but what if I used a friend's amp to jam, or got plugged into a sound system or get an ABG? [please!] Then I sound horrible from a rather rookie mistake.          

I decided to send this out into the wild domain of Twitter and bugged some people who actually follow this blog while doing so. I actually got replies! [Green highlight is the person's twitter page and red highlight is they're other website; I don't know why my tweet is white...sorry color blind people! blogger is confusing me.]

Me: "if you can't hear fret buzz though an amp don't worry about it." BS or Truth?

   Ryan: False 
Mark Waldrop: it could go either way, but if it were me I'd fix it
It's supper cool to hear my thought process is kinda on the right track [and hell, just getting response from twitter].   I'm still not sure if I've lost my mind or am actually improving with the fret buzz but I thought that was worth posting about.

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