Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Geddy Lee is Like Chuck Norris.

I actually have afew qualms call Geddy Lee the Best Living/of all time Bassist. In my eyes just calling him a bassist is a gross insult to him and every bass play that will come after him. That man [just like the other members of Rush] is an awesome musician. He sings, he knows his way around the keys, he is talented beyond the bass clef. Rush is out there, in my eyes they created progressive rock, they are one on they're own. Do I want to emulate Geddy Lee? No. And I think anyone who tries is a fool. Why chase what so many call perfection when you can be an innovator in your own right?   

Geddy Lee can pull off skinny jeans, and Seth Bolt can pull off heels, I never will and I'm okay with that.

[I had to throw this in somewhere]

[Please tell me I don't actually have to explain how Geddy Lee is like Chuck Norris.]

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