Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learning: Lessons vs Concerts

Disclaimer: This is what works for me that said I have no plans to become famous.

I haven't told that many people I have a bass, most people are finding out about it when I casually mention this blog. The reason for this is that when I first got my bass everyone would ask where I'm taking lessons and when I was going to join a band. Neither crossed my mind when I got my bass. [Seriously, have you heard a bass? It's very hard to think beyond "I want this now".]

I knew there was basic bass lessons on the internet, I figured I would find someway to learn when I out of grew them. Well I've out grown them, and real lessons cost alot. I've found them $20-$30 bucks a pop. I think that's alot of money spend on someone you might not gel with,especially when you could see a concert for the same price. That might sound crazy but let me tell you a secret: once you have the basics [like the right fret hand position so you don't injure yourself, it can happen] you can finger, slap, pick and pop anyway your heart desires. don't believe me? go to any concert or better yet watch the video below [but still go to a concert].

Plus you learn all the stuff that's kinda too rude to say like "When your cheering squad consists solely of the very drunk chicks, you might want to think of another career."   

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