Sunday, November 11, 2012

Passion vs Talent

Passion is a tricky thing.

I've had the talent of story making since before I could read and write. When I properly proof read I can take anyone into the world of my dreams without them getting lost. This is why I'm documenting my journey this way and not with videos or other types of media. I identify with my ability to string words together the most. I want to be a published author one day, I want to have a quill pen tattooed on my side because it is apart of me and I always forget about it.

Writing is an okay thing to do for me, but it's also really easy which translates to:
[I've looked it up and some people say I have the personality of Sherlock, Most agree I have the personalty of Moriarty.]  

Bass playing is fun, it takes work, which makes a success all the more satisfying. I can make this awesome sound that is also a feeling. When I'm upset all I want to do is cradle my bass, and when I go days without handling my bass my body knows it. I love it to a degree words can not express.

I realize I probably won't become much since my talent and passion is not the same; but I don't think I could remain sane otherwise.

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