Thursday, November 22, 2012

I feel like Jackie Chan!

I messed with the bridge on Igor and he still works! I can now almost always keep the G string down with my pinky. [I've never been able to do that without cheating with my ring finger]. All I did was twist the screws that you can get to without removing the strings, see the big wholes in the picture below? Screws go there and that's what you need to twist. Classic lefty loosey, righty tighty stuff unless your dyslexia is like mine and you'er saying it's all one big circle; in which case it's all trial and error. Twist abit, let it rest [I got totally wrapped up in a record for half an hour and it was lower by then] and see if you got the right result.      

I will warn you, there was that sickening sound when metal hits wood, [Yes, I did steal that line from the second Harry Potter book] but I think I'm the first one to mess with Igor for at lease five years and he's still playable.   

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