Friday, November 30, 2012

Stress Induced Ideas

Last night I was struck with an idea of either madness or genius, [don't you just hate when you don't know which one?] Why don't I just get a right handed ABG? This is the conversation that ensued in my head between my ego and id.

[I'm referring to the Freudian understanding of the psyche. The Id is the selfish animistic part of yourself, the  Super-Ego is your moral compass imposed by society; the Ego is the mediator of the two who allows you to appear like a normal human being. Example: You need to take a dump. Your Id will say this is as good a place as any. Your Super-Ego will be ashamed that you still have that bodily function and your Ego will tell them both to chill out and find a bathroom. Your Ego can be swayed by alcohol.]       

Id: We should just get a right handed ABG.
Ego: We're southpaw you idiot.
Id: What? It's not physically impossible, you thought yourself we had better tone right handed.
Ego: We've already learned the fret board left handed.
Id: Not really, you still mix up the A and D strings plus the fret board would be the same. And you could just flip the guitar mid song and get a totally different tone!
Ego: So you want us to learn bass left handed right handed and backwards both ways?
Id: Okay slight overkill but having a different tone would be so cool!
Ego: True, but people would think I'm crazy.
Id: Since when have you been playing for other people? Since when have you not thrived on being weird?
Ego: it would take so much time.
Id: Look how far you've come in less then a year, and you spent most of that time on your ass. So what if you spend extra time on it, it'd be a cool skill.
Ego: A useless skill.
Id: Do you want an ABG?
Ego: Yes.
Id: We wouldn't have to settle with a right handed ABG, you could get any color.
Ego: Color is nice...but not a deciding factor.
Id: It'll have a better resale value being right handed if it doesn't work out.
Ego: Logical enough...Damn you!

I didn't drag my Super Ego into this because I knew it'd would give me crap for wanting another bass for the price of a biology textbook.  

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