Monday, November 5, 2012


I haven't named my bass, which I find sad since I'm totally convinced it is alive. I do consider myself in a relationship with my bass and I realize when I get another bass my first will get jealous. Since I'm getting tired of typing 'my' [and because Igor is so much shorter] I have decided to name my bass now!

Since I'd rather chill with a dude I'm bucking the whole call it she thing [That was made by heterosexual men anyway, right?] plus my bass in red which leads me to believe it's a male [nope, not falling into any gender stereotypes here].

Any instrument is an interesting thing, it's well instrumental, yet a minion to your commands, which it will follow to some extant. My bass has been around the block for longer then I've been interested in playing therefore it's an old man with alot of bumps and bruises, it's not the best bass out there so if it were to transform into a human it would be short. I'm not sure where it got an eastern European accent but it has it. It is my partner in crime, my henchman, therefore I christen him Igor! [Riff Raff is too ironic even for my taste, plus I don't believe he's capable of mutiny.]           

[Thank you Ashley and Micheal for making me seem sane!]

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