Sunday, November 18, 2012

I got off my Ass!

And I got results! Horrible results, but results all the same. After listening to too much Rush I was banished to my bedroom while the living room was being vacuumed and since I couldn't do homework I thought I'd play my bass. [I sat thinking about it, staring at my amp for the amount of time it takes to vacuum the living room plus listen to half the Of Monster and Men CD, great album] I finally got up, and tried to play my bass, but between the dark amp in the closet and the revenge of the shoes [they still haven't found a new home yet]  it wasn't successful. So I tossed all my shoes to the other end of my room and found a ghetto solution for the light problem.

 [There's a mini flashlight scotched taped to the wall]

After hunting for a memory card and discovering my camera had a low battery I decided to do a short video just to see how it would turned out. It seemed abit quiet so I put on youtube to see if that would help, then I said what the hell and made this post. Enjoy! [Sorry!]


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