Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Favorite Bassist

I am seriously shallow when picking the my favorite bassist. He is just the bassist of my favorite band with afew bonus points.

Seth Bolt is left/middle with the longest hair...let me find a single picture of him, just because I can!

Pardon me for going mega fan on ya'll, this is the little band I discovered when I was thirteen who had some potential [I said the same thing about Adele's first album, I really should be hired by some record label] that have since exploded to open for Taylor Swift and more. Now you may think I just like Seth Bolt because he's cute, he is cute but so is the rest of the band! [Poor underrated Joe Stillwell who has now left the band....] But the cutest bassist award goes to Phil Joel:   
See, my belief that all bassist are cute started young.

Seth Bolt is my favorite bassist because he doesn't use he bass as a counter weight, he doesn't spin around like some kind of spazzy rocker-ballerina wannabe.  He stands relatively still long enough so even I have a chance to remember a groove. He will stand back on stage and still sings along when he's nowhere near a mic. He was the one member of NEEDTOBREATHE who signed my bobble head box the summer of 2006 when I first saw them at a minor league baseball game. It was he who came to my mind when I had that fateful conversation with Mama Hood not eight weeks later. 

Musically I don't know how Bolt stands up, and honestly I don't care. I've seen countless bass players including Geddy Lee* just this year and all I can see is different styles and different skill levels. Yes there are those who are just want to be famous or a guitarist, but if they're heart wasn't in it I'd never call them bassists in the first place.       

*More to come. 

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