Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game Plan

I want an ABG, [Acoustic Bass Guitar] bad. The thing is there are only two brands [Dean and Takamine, ever heard of that one? I haven't] that make them southpaw and under $1,000. I'd like to spend no more then $500, I think that's fair considering I was willing to pay $300 for my Igor.

The Takamines are at the tip top of my budget at $500-$550, and their reviews "show its price". [You know that $1,000 ice cream sunday in NYC that everyone raves about? I have this theory that once something goes to a somewhat crazy price people stop looking at the quality because "it cost that much it must be good!" or they don't want to look like an idiot.] Most reviews say they're really good, but, there's always a but sometimes an if but you get the idea; everyone is almost happy with it.

Dean on the other hand is well within my price range, both models have pre-amps, but I'm still not thrilled with the sound they're producing. Bonus points to Dean for having an interesting finish offered in southpaw [even if my inner wood girl is going "what the fuck?" look at this thing:


Also Dean has the best website for finding out if they have southpaws, it's right there when you look at products, no search bar needed. 

I haven't man handled any ABGs yet, but once I do I'll be on the hunt by my birthday in the summer; and if Ibanez don't come out with a lefty and I find an upper model Dean for under $200 I'll jump. It sucks when you don't find something you're not 100% in love with, but when you find an article saying ABGs are rare beasts you live with it. I figure after this I'll be set until I can drop a grand on something cool like a bango bass, or double bass or a 35 inch five string....

[Shame I can't just flip the strings, I really need to make a post about that.]    

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