Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Action Adventure Stories!

I believe when you own something you should know how to take basic care of it. I totally intend to change my car's oil next time it's due [unless it's in February]. For the same reason I totally plan on changing Igor's strings at some point this year. I also believe there are something that should be left to the professionals like changing coolant or messing with the action. Sure alot of guys will tinker with the truss rod, but this is one stereotypically male trait I sadly don't possess.

I spent some time with my henchman today, due mainly to the fact I wanted to see if I could find the truss rod cover. [Found it no issue!] A string sounds good, but I did notice while my open strings are spot on tune when I fret a note is off it was a couple yellow thingies off. [from the view of a clip on tuner] I measured how far the strings were from fret board [called the action, now you see where I'm going with this!] and found them to be 1/4 of an inch which explains why I dread fretting the G string.

Micheal said I could adjust the bridge, so I'm off to do my research. I found one video that said it's just a twist of a screw but the guy in that video also said it's a 'trust rod' so I need more information before I mess with my bass.

     [So no action adventure stories in this, comment with your own!]


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