Monday, November 19, 2012

Remember Those Strap Locks?

Before the making of that video and the birth of my closet light source I was preforming some intermediate  bass acrobatics [blindly trying to work the amp while holding Igor and balancing on a pile of shoes] when my upper strap lock just snapped. I'm really glad it made a loud noise that got my attention, even if that resulted in Igor's head stock slamming into the closet's door frame. [That didn't even knock it out of tune, man Ibanze makes a tank.] Since the top strap peg is within my range of sight while playing I left it be until I was done.

Upon searching my bedroom floor I only found one half of the lock and a broken piece of black plastic which may of been apart of the other half. I'll continue the search tomorrow but even if it is broken I still consider it a good investment.         

[Hold up, I just checked my blog and I've only been been using those things for less than a month, I'll see if I can find the other piece before I make my final judgment.] 

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