Monday, November 26, 2012

Jazz Hands!

I was up until one in the morning slightly freaking out on Talkbass because I found the thread on bass injuries. I've mentioned proper hand position before but I haven't gone into detail because I don't really have a clue. Do you know what every bassist has heard at some point? "Youngen'  do the god damn hand stretches and save your hands." and years later most regret not following that advice. I don't know about you but I intend to play the rest of my life, and considering the fact our hands are rarely still we need to take care of them.

I have mild Cerebral Palsy, it mainly effects my legs but it is also very mildly in my hands. Every few years the medical field would flip flop on whether it was better to have a normal range of motion [What is a normal range of motion? I've never met a medical professional who knew] or just be happy that kids can function. Because of this I was in and out of OT most of my childhood. Like most PT there comes a point where the PT and I agree that I did something good enough and we moved on to another part of my body [I can't raise my arms ninety degrees over my head, it was never that big a deal until afew years later when I did water therapy and couldn't do a back stork. Another think I learned to do in PT was to curl my toes, that may sound crazy, believe me my doctor thought I was but when you watch people pick up things with their toes and think they're part Tarzan it's awesome.]

This is why I play southpaw, I'm more involved on my left side so it's running around a fret board with that hand made no sense. It's funny how since I've gotten Igor my middle and index fingers have become to nimble compared to the ring and pinky on that hand; and they're still twice as slow as my not involved right hand. I've always been told I'm going to get arthritis in my 30s, it's a reality of CP, and I realize I will probably get it in my hands since I started playing bass.

[Wow that got damn ass long, and I didn't hit on half the points I wanted to loop like a part 1]

    [This guy is really good, you should see his other videos, yes he yammers for abit in this one but he has a great accent.] 

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