Thursday, June 27, 2013

Only One More Step, right?

I don't have great luck with music stores near me, so I was not looking forward to dealing with a tech. I tried my darn-est to find a tech in Delaware, but had no info for me, so I was stuck near home. [Oh Facebook, double edge sword that you be] I messaged every person who had ever posted anything about playing a guitar.

Luckily for me a guy I knew in middle school posted about getting a guitar pedal, and he has a relative who does instrument repairs. After hemming and haling, an epic trip and more hemming and haling I emailed the tech, and his [quick] reply seemed friendly enough. I figured up what a brand new GSR200l would cost plus shipping and new strings, and the tech said that's would be ridiculous amount of money.

So I will be able to keep my beloved Igor! I just have to hand him over to some stranger....[Please don't be a jerk, please don't be a jerk, please don't be a jerk]

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