Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DE is Mystical! Part I

When I called Delaware 'The Mythical Land" it was due to its lack of sales tax [a point I think I've beaten to death with a stick]; after actually spending some time in shops there I have to say, it's freaking Narnia! [Okay, so no Christ-like talking lions about, but they have nice, attentive, sales people!] Story Time!

[I lied] Prologue: Two days before the trip I 'laid down dramatically' [stolen from Tea Hacic-Vlahovic's article on xoJane] causing a pulled tricep and forming a huge knot on my shoulder that took three days to get back to normal size. Of course this all happen to my left side, making the thought of playing right handed cringe worthy. By the day of the trip the knot on my shoulder was about half its original size but I still really didn't feel up to playing.

Actually Story: Heading in the direction of Dover I was totally prepared for what's happened in just about every other music store on the Western Shore [GC of Rockville, you are the exception.] It looks something like this:

But then I walked into Earle Teat Music.....              

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