Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Terminology Confusion

In my months of bopping around two terms came up just enough to make me raise an eyebrow at they're meaning. The terms in question were "Woodshedding" and "Gassing".

As I've said before my Grandfather worked with wood, even had a drying shed out back; I thought people were saying they were working on their craft. Well they were [in a kind of, not really way...keep reading] What they were really referring to honing their skill [which is another way of saying 'working on your craft'...] This history of the term goes to back to the days when you needed a woodshed to keep your wood burning stove going. The woodshed was the original Man Cave. Yes men didn't always have the basement like back in the days of yore when women folk used the cellar for can goods [held in mason jars!]

[In case you haven't noticed I'm abit of a major history buff.]      

The term gassing again invokes thoughts of the pass, the unpleasant past of 1930s-40s Europe. Come to find out Gassing has its root in G.A.S which stands for Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I just call that lusting, but being the larger portion of male musician I'm not surprised by the not so grammar-icly correctness. [Hell look at what I just typed! Okay you may ignore me now.] But am I the only not surprised by the maleness and the typically gross word meaning something good? [well for your id, not so much your wallet.]                   

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