Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm not as bad as I thought!

When it comes to calling myself tone deaf.  I found that if I had one string tuned, I could tune the other string by just comparing string tension. It always got me into right note [I want to call it a letter so bad! Is that bad?] always in the red of my snark tuner but still in the right ballpark.

On a whim I checked out this website which was linked from a TB wiki labeled "Test your ears",  and it says with my score of 61.1% I have good ears. At 2.77% a question I believe I got in on dumb luck since less than 60% is average [and less than 50% is 'you should go see a doctor']. I've sent the website to my classically trained friend to see if it's worth a grain of salt. 


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