Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I tasted crack

Otherwise known as a Fender neck. God it felt so comfortable! I'm sorry Ibanez, I love my little tank of a bass but the neck is just small in my hand. I want a right handed bass, I want one bad. I don't need it, I already have a great Henchman but I want it. I want to play with my right hand, and that neck was just begging to be played all over it!

Therapy is a legitimate reason to get a right handed bass [why is there no word for right handed thinks like lefties have southpaw?]. Even if it will only help me do nothing but play righty better. Being for my left [fretting] hand I'm going to need a short scale, and a maple neck makes a black bass look good [and may sound different].

My options are The Bronco which is so cheap fender won't even but 'Squire' [the name for the bottom of the line fender they don't actually call it fender] on it. It's what kinda accompanies my amp, so cheap it doesn't have a fretboard but can be found used for under $100. The other option is a Vintage Modified Mustang which is cost enough to have 'Squire' written on the headstock. [$250] Sadly this model has only been out two years and can not be found on the used market, but that's a good thing...right?


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