Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For the Love of Music

I've had a thought running around the back of my head, pounce if I saw a Bronco used at GC [I know, I hate the big store thing and the local store is run by jackasses but I kinda slightly trust the website.] for less than $80. But today that plan got put on hold for yet a few more months.

The short politically correct answer is that I needed to buy my mom something for Christmas. The [lets just call it what it is] selfish answer is that Rush added more tour dates. As I posted before I was lucky to see them once, so I'm just checking this off my bucket list [again] which I will continue to do until I must come to terms with the fact that they are moral for limited time:

I did get my only tour shirt at the last Rush concert, and since they are coming closer to home this time I might as well go all deadhead style fan on them. I mean how many bands of this caliber are still alive much less still touring?  


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