Saturday, January 5, 2013

He is Well

I tuned Igor, and he is now in tune. No impulsion, no snarky attitude on behalf of my bass; I am positively in shock. I had told myself I wasn't going to tune Igor until I had my college applications in, but I let my Id and sleep drunkenness sway me. [You know that girl who's loud and crazy just when she has a drink in her hand? That's me tired: I stumble, I find everything funny, I end up with smudged make up, and my decision making is sub par] This is a reason I make myself wait a day before posting in this blog.

There was no horrid string snap, there is no fret buzz. Just by sitting on my bed, with my snark tuner [yes, I actually looked at the thing and noticed the N] which did have some attitude of its own, but that's not important.

The important part is that I did it.

I did it.

I feel like a proud five year old and I don't care.     

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