Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last Stab

For fear that I would send Igor only to have him fixed by getting a new battery, I cracked open his back again. [I even tried to be mature about it and do it at the nice flat kitchen table, instead of my bed; but then remembered my amp was still in my room] By opening him up I was able to see that two pots were grounded again and one was loose. I'm not gonna lie, hope surged through me. [maybe I wouldn't need a tech at all!] I got out the hex wrench and went to work, all seemed well as I screwed in the last pot so I turned on the amp and plugged Igor in.

I decided to wave my hand by the wires to see if I could get any sound. 

Still nothing. 

I turn on the reading light I normally never use since it wakes the whole house [I meant business]. Third time is the charm for me. Another wire is disconnected [this one from the computer chip looking pot] and I'm not going to mess with it. I'm done, and ready to hand him over to a professional.

It's the grey wire, seen in the top right corner of the chip pot. 

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