Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Back in Town!

I'm home!!! It was a three week trip of a lifetime through Europe, but my god I never missed something so much in my life. [That something being my basses, which is ready pathetic when you realize I have dogs.] I honestly don't think I can go that long without my basses again, which means I'll either have to shorten the length of my trips [something I plan on doing the rest of my life] or learn to like Uke Basses [something that currently makes my skin crawl].

About my trip:
Paris subway accordion player! I don't even know how to express how cool it was. On random stops they/he [I'm not sure if it was just one guy or what] would walk up and down the train for only between one stop with his hat out. Maybe it's the overuse of the acoustic guitar but the accordion seemed alot more portable and practical. I like the French they seem like a very practical people in general.

  Ireland was a stab to my bass missing gut at every turn. Actually the gut stabbing started in London when I saw electric guitar repair for cheaper then I will pay at home. [Even with the exchange rates, and no I haven't gotten no that yet.] In Ireland there was a music store on every street, music on every corner and in most pubs. All the music I found was on the acoustic/traditional [this is not a dramatization] though traditional sometimes meant Top 40 acoustic. Also seeing something relating to Thin Lizzy was the reason I went to Dublin [beyond having a city to fly out of]. Unfortunately vandals got to the Phil Lynott statue: [see my picture] Now I'll have to go back to Ireland. At lease Ireland has great beer.

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