Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'll Take It!

I have a consistent history with ear buds. It goes something like 1) get new set of ear buds 2) use twice over a period of a week 3) somehow manage to have only one of the ear buds working by the end of said week. I have about five sets of ear buds scattered around my room, besides always being being broken I rarely use them because they give me a headache.

So the fact that there was an ear bud setting by my door still the plastic wasn't a surprise, the fact I noticed at midnight the other night was. This set was backwards, one ear bud and two plugs, my brain hit that punch drunk place of awesome and decided to see if one of the plugs would work with my amp [at midnight, bright idea uh?] Shockingly the first plug worked and I didn't wake up half my street.

This really is great timing, I was just thinking about getting getting nice headphones for my amp/when I traveled. I'd still rather have headphones but this saves me money for awhile.      

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