Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Words in Passing

On the way home my mom and I had a layover in Boston. [Alas no Boston Cream Pie was consumed.] Mom wore a PRS shirt which caught the attention of our waiter who was a guitar owner. He starts talking about woods ect. and Mom directed the conversation to me since she loves music, but beyond drums I'm the instrument expert [scary, right?].

This guy had already brought up three different guitars he owned and when I said I had a bass he replied with "yeah I got one of them too. How many strings do you have? Six? Eight?" I was caught off guard by his nonchalant attitude of a bass is just another guitar. I felt so fake saying I that only had four strings, and that I wasn't a "failed guitarist". I picked up bass by default, not by the shadow of failure.

This all happened over this.

It's a mostly agreed upon fact that a bass guitar is more double bass then guitar. There's a number of reasons I picked up bass and not guitar, which lead back to this fact; I can't comprehend people not understanding this. I can't communicate with people when I can't see where they're coming from, it's my worst fault.       

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