Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm an impatient piece of sod

The moment I got home I had Igor in my hand [I had to wait for the shower]. I didn't bother to tune him because I missed bass, and it is all about the feeling for me. Today I decided plug in and play the new guy [whom I just wanted to call by another name!!]. Of course the first step was to tune the sucker, and to my amazement almost all the strings were damn near tune. We'd had another forty degree whiplash during my trip so that was a miracle, until I got to the E string, which was being unplayable again.

When this problem first reared its head I went to TB who said I had to stop being a wuss and adjust the neck [they didn't say that, but I believe I was being a wuss]. Checking the neck I saw that the it was indeed bowing. No big deal, I even know which way to twist the allen wrench [don't ask me which way that was].

To do this properly I should of taken off or at lease loosen the strings. If you can't tell from this post's title, I didn't. The main reason for my impatient was the storms threatening today was that the weather channel [whoa, never thought I'd reference that on this blog] had people prepping for a major power outages. So no lovely amp bass sound [can you tell I really missed bass?] since the most agreed upon wait time for neck adjustment is two hours [via what I've found on TB] I was out of the game until after the storm.

Now it's the next morning, and besides some some hail [and a tornado that touched down a few minuets away] it was all hype. Now to see what damage I've done....                

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