Thursday, June 20, 2013

So Long...

I picked up Igor for the first time in along time. It sucked, his strings don't sound or feel right, but there's no point to change them until I get him fixed. It had been so long that I picked him up like a righty [I still pick up New Guy like he's a lefty, every single time] When I went looking for the G notes I was totally, dyslexious, wrong.

I'm not gonna lie, fear hit me. My dreams of being a successful [successful here meaning playing both sides fluently] ambidextrous bassist were heading for the window. Then I remembered in my daydreams of being an awesome bassist including finding the F on the first fret [my psyche even gives me slack] before registering that I have a different bass. I try it out and I don't know if it was the chill time but I got the first fret F right.

After that everything fell mostly into place, I still had issues with fret placement since I was going from short scale to normal [called 'long'] scale but it was still home.

[With horrible strings, I can't get over those damn strings!]         

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