Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Math

Last night was another night that I went without manhandle a bass. I did think about how many possible positions a bassist can be in. [I'm punch drunk, and not planning on proof reading this before posting. Oh, also I'm talking about one finger on a fret and the other hand on the proper string.] Supposing that both hands were on the proper string, as in one hand knows what the other is doing, there's 76 possible positions on New Guy [4 string and 19 frets] and 96 positions on Igor [whom has 24 frets]. That's made up of just 12 notes.

I had a hard time believing that there are 8 places on the neck to find any note with Igor, so I testing it. I was most skeptic with the notes that appear as open strings. I played all the way down the neck and was totally shocked that the lowest fret could be honestly played, and it stopped just above the desired note. Even others notes applied to these rules I figured out. [It's nice not having math let you down.]      

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