Sunday, September 22, 2013

What will I do for free shipping?

I love but it doesn't have the [plain old] guitar strings, so I'm going back to my old standby Amazon. One thing that Amazon has that BSO just doesn't is free shipping [if you spend $25].
Yeah this is what I'm talking about.
Well Amazon has mid-range gauge strings from a decent company for about $5, and I pretty much needed the $11 the gel shoulder pad. That left me with $9 I just had to spend. Thank god that's just the price of the Steppenwolf greatest hits album!

...actually it was .22 cents short. So I went of the hunting for a cheap ass fret board poster, what do I find is a fret board stamp. The really neat is that it has four fret [in other words] if I turn it on it's side it becomes a bass guitar stamp!


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