Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Naming My Instruments.

It took me months to name Igor because I was hesitant to name an inanimate object, once I got over that, his name became clear very quickly. I'm still waiting for New Guy's name. My first reaction to him was that he was a middle schooler [I decided to be nice and just call him New Guy for the time being, that time continuing now]. I honestly think New Guy's real name will come out when I'm done modding him, even if that name will just be Guy.

My student guitar is clearly a girl. She's that femme voice, bright sunburst finish, tiny like a giant ukulele [yup, it's just like that]. Maybe it's because she's technically my oldest guitar, but her name just popped in my head: Lucy. My first thought was 'O crap!' Firstly for the fact that I had a very dear friend in high school with that name [Hi Lucy!] and as much as I love her, having a guitar with the same name is kinda creepy. Secondly because B.B. King's guitar is named Lucille. I try to respect musicians, and I refuse to knowingly copy one.

So I shall call Lula, after my great great grandmother. Lula was an Appalachian mother of sixteen, I can trace my love of music back to my grandfather, and I'd like to think it goes back to her.         

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