Friday, October 4, 2013

Gel Man

[Written after two of use on a school bad used everyday, so I have not yet tried it with a bass.]

I sent two weeks with the Plant wave gel strap pad on my school pad, and I must say it has been a live saver. I bought the version that had gel vs. the foam version which was a few dollars cheaper, and I'm glad I did. Just like the old school bass straps that are wider at the shoulder then the rest of the strap, the weight of the item [in my current case the bag] is dispersed over the larger space and feels great.

I had heard of a few negative reviews on the pad, namely complaining about the weight of the pad sliding down the strap, and in the case of one guitarist [who in no way helped the credibility of guitarist being musicians] said that the pad weighted more then his guitar. I've only had to readjust the pad twice in that sense, but I have had untwist the strap several times because the wait of the pad spun it around.

The pad has two overlapping Velcro straps and there are no way the pad is going to fall off. On the other side there is seven sections of gel that is meant to fit the body of the wearer. I have no idea is this gel design actually makes my shoulder feel better.     

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