Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fretboard Colors

I went to my second live show of the year [which is a very low number by my standards] so prepare for a bombardment of concert related post. This one goes out to the awesome mother accompanying her daughter, who told me where to stand to get a full view of the stage:
There are two main woods used for fretboards: Dark rosewood and pale maple. I prefer rosewood because that's what I started out with, I like darker colors and I'm inclined to believe what they say about fretboard wood changing the sound. I realized another pro to fretboard color at the concert. I've made no secret that I like watching bassists at show so that I can steal a riff from them. Well I've found that it's alot easier to do when the player's skin tone contrasts to the fret board. This doesn't sound good [says the anthropology student] but most bassists I watch are white, so rosewood gives me a better idea where the bassist is fretting.         

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