Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Mr. New Guy

When I finally got my hands on New Guy to winterize him I was surprised to find he was bowing back, where Igor was arching forwards. I took a few days tweak him straight, then I remember something someone said on TB about not having the neck rod straight.  

I [of course] forgot which way there was suppose to be a little give, so I decided to to tweak a little both ways, and see which way made more on tune notes [I've found that the notes get a little more off tune with each lower fret I play down the neck]. When I checked the neck with the ever reliable Snark Tuner [from hell] I found that even rather high up on the neck, the tuning varied alot.
String Trees
It hit me like a truck, the [lack of a] string tree, where I stripped the screw head, was totally fucked up because of my doing.       

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