Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures of Paul

Paul McCartney has released new music recently, and this has given me an unexpected amount of joy. I have respect for the man, I mean his ability to compose is awesome, and he's the guy that I think of for support [or rather the idea of him] when I'm getting crap for being a southpaw bassist who actually plays southpaw; I don't want to think about all the shit he's probably gotten over the issue.
Look at the neck!

That said, I not a real fan. His music is pretty low on the list of what I'd want to listen to, if I want relax or have fun. So when I heard McCartney was making more music [beyond the hope given to me that someone in their 70s can still play] I didn't really care. Yet I found myself staring for far too long at all the promotional material I've found scattered across the internet.
Great Profile!
It took me awhile to realize why I was so enthralled with these photos. [Okay, there was like five seconds comparing how much people really don't change when they get older.] I found myself absolutely giddy at the fact there are all these pictures of left handed guitars--and a bass guitar at that!         

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