Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Make the Music Sway

I've always wanted to repeat a moment [or the feeling of a psychical place] with music; from the first song I ever tried to compose was the moment my dogs got excited when my mom came home from work. [I still have the notes written on a button envelop somewhere.]

Since my awesome trip this past summer, there's one moment that ha been haunting me, begging me to immortalize it in music: On the train from CDG to The City [Paris] the ride was this incredible period that I think music could convey [if anything could, but that might be the jet lag talking]. The train swayed side to side, and the train clacking along the track like most trains do, a lone accordion player walking up and down the train.

The movement of the train would obviously be replicated by the bass [in my head] but it's been months and I couldn't figour out how make the swaying sound. Playing up and down the neck seemed to move in a different dimension then what I wanted. Than I found it: Hitting the string with my fingernail made a sharper sound [akin to a pick] while hitting the string with the tip/pad of my finger gave off that familiar bass sound. Alternating these two techniques give me the swaying motion I want!             

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