Friday, November 1, 2013

I Made Pictures!

Play down, following the white path.
I don't know the differences between Riffs and Grooves. I know they're both short collections of notes that flow in some form, but I don't know the difference [or if there is one]. Regardless I've been playing one [or both] of them. I've just been noodling around, but I've made pictures of what I did!

As you can see I didn't pay attention to what [frets/notes] I was playing, but was more interested in the feeling of the [thing, see above] and how the notes were related to each other via their location on the fret board. [Hindsight is telling me that was a dumb idea.]
Same deal as the other picture.

The first one seems sharp, or had more of a cutting feeling to it. The second combination had a softer feeling to it.  I think the latter had a softer sound because on the G string I was [probably] playing around with the same note, only natural and sharp, instead of jumping a full step as I did with the first. 

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