Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm Getting Headphones

I ran into the local Tuesday Morning [like T.J. Max or Marshal's, alot of random stuff at discount prices] looking for a cover that would fit my new laptop. Lo, and behold the laptop covers were in the electronic section, not far from the ear buds and head phones.

I hate ear buds [and I always have] they consistently give me a headache and I always found that I've had to turn them up too loud in order to enjoy them. But I've never had a set of headphones, so I started looking at the plugs, while I rattled off a list of reasons to get a pair in my head [They could work with my amp, I've been flying a fair bit; and I'm always jealous of the people who bring their own headphones, they could work for school; since I'm current dragging that single ear bud I posted about ect]. But alas, all the the head phone only had the standard 3.5mm jack. [My amp needs the other size, don't ask me what it is, but it's the other bigger size.]

My mom noticed that I was looking at headphones and quickly drags me to the clearance section [where I ironically find a laptop case]. Sitting in clearance is $50 head phones with converter jacks! I'm abit leery of the price but my mom keeps insisting that they are a great brand [Koss] and she wants them to be a Christmas present. I couldn't argue with that, so I'm getting headphone for Christmas [and my mom even asked if I needed them now]!      

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