Saturday, November 9, 2013

How Many Guitarists Does it Take?

Beyond being a really chill band, there was something about The Maine's stage present that didn't sit right with me. It should be a no brainer by now that I pay attention to the bassist in bands, but I also take note of where my ear and eye are drawn to. With The Maine my ears didn't notice, and my eyes couldn't keep up with the bassist.

I mean it makes some sense, [somewhat] all of the other band members were anchored to a mic stand, so the bassist was making up for it, by running around the stage. It might of come off better if he was actually bouncing around the stage in time with the song, but in reality they were just pulling off a backwards The Who performance. [Which is the opposite of my personal taste.]
Did I mention that three guitars on stage at all time? [And no I don't count the bass as a guitar in this sense.] It just looked bazaar to me, and didn't sound good to me either. I was grateful when my friends wanted to leave, just when they invited a band member from the opening bad on stage, with guitar in hand. [And no other band members made any move to hand off their guitars to a waiting roadie.]   

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