Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Uncle [Part I]

When I was four years-old when I got a child size drum set. My uncle is [or was, his drum set has been collecting dust for close to ten years now] a drummer. And judging by vast number of middle age locals who talk about seeing my uncle in shows, he was pretty good. Inspired by Neil Peart, my uncle took my family from it's long standing history from music lovers to musicians.

My uncle's days of performing was over by the time I was born, but I remember watching him drum along to the radio every time we were in the car together [he was who I got the drum set from]. From him I learned what makes a good drummer.

I've found several saying on the internet stating that the drummer is the backbone of a band, and it's true. If any other band never sucks, it may take a minute to realize it, and even then you can sometimes just blame it on a bad mix from the sound guy. For drummer, you either know how to play to play the song or you don't. There's no masking a crappy drummer, I've been utterly blown away how unrecognizable my favorite band's songs were when the original drummer left. To tell this all you need is a set of ears, or a body that can pick up vibrations.

[This is getting insanely long, and I'm nowhere near where I want to end it, also did you know when I Googled Neil Peart it told me his height? How weird is that? I've never seen that when I've Googled anyone else.] 

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