Monday, November 25, 2013

I Have Strong Hands

I went back to the A# chord that I talked about earlier:  I've found two ways to play this decently. Option one is to [flat out]cheat and use my thumb on play the end string you play. Using this it actually sounds really good, but I've had people point out that it's impossible to change chords swiftly in while using your thumb.

The other option is to play a bar chord [or barre, I've seen it spelled both ways]. To pull off a bar chord you lay your finger along fret, so that it covers most or all of the strings. This acts kinda like a capo [I'm told] and is a somewhat advance chord to pull off.
A capo.

Starting out on bass has given me the finger strength needed to actually pull this off decently. [I just have to work around my short fingers around them.] With my pointer finger occupied, the rest of the chord is surprisingly easy to manage. The lone difficulty is that if a string under your finger joint it will end up muted. [My hands may not be tiny, but my fingers are far from long.]    

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