Monday, November 4, 2013

Songs from High School

I've found that  looking back on what songs I liked growing up, I can point out two clear themes. A heavy or fun bassline, or the lyrics spoke to me as an angst filled teenager. There are three songs I will always remember for lyrically being my rock: Suddenly by the late [great] Superchick, and The Resistance and A Day Late both by Anberlin.

I've been wanting to see Anberlin for years but have never had the opportunity, until now. I was alittle worried because I didn't know their new stuff, and I found myself singing along to a song off their least favorite album [song was The Resistance, album was New Surrender]. When they broke into the exact song three songs in, I concert sang [other wise known as screaming] as loud as I could. That moment made this one of the top 8 concerts of my life [I've been to conversationally three hundred shows]. A hand full of songs later they played A Day Late.

[So let me get this straight
say now you loved me all along
what made you hesitate?
to tell me with words how you really feel?]

If one song could sum up my love life in high school, it would be this one. Five years down the road I laugh at my teenage self, but yelling those lyrics at the top of my lungs had to be one of the most joyous and therapeutic moments of my life. [Wow going to uni is getting to me.]                 

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