Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Igor's Action

Playing around on Demon all week has given me new eyes for Igor, mainly I realized the fact that Igor's action is ridiculously high. I went searching on my night stand of bass pieces and dug out all my allen wrenches.

I remember adjusting his action once before [just by adjusting the bridge] and I could of swore it was the shiny tiny allen wrench; but alas, I tried it and it seemed a hair too big. [This is were the situation gets perplexing.] I have four allen wrenches, two larger one that adjust truss rods, and the "shiny tiny" one and "an uber itty bitty" one [which I honestly don't know what it fits] none of them will suddenly work, and I know I've done this successfully before.

With the Allen wrenches worthless, I decided to loosen Igor's strings and twist the action lower by hand. 
[This actually worked.] 

See the little feet under what looks like hammer heads? That's what I twisted down by hand. 

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