Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's in a Name?

I had The guitar shipped to my [least] favorite music store, mainly because I didn't realize I could test out his [the guitar's] electronics at home. Given my horrid experiences with Western Shore music stores in the past, I walked in with my teeth gritted, and my guard up.

Shockingly, I didn't need it. I had it un-boxed in the store and when I asked to check out the pick ups and they asked what I'd be plugging into; they didn't flinch, or comment when I said I'd be running it [I refer to my instruments as objects in front of people] through a bass amp.

I held my guitar by it's neck as I carried him over to the amp section of the store, and I couldn't help but notice that his strings felt older than dirt. When the employee tried to tune it, but was clearly a lost cause. After all but cussing out the store that sent it, he handed it over to the guitar tech, and put new strings on it! [I still can't believe they let me walk out without paying for them!]

With new strings I checked the neck for dead spots. While I was doing this the employee who tried to tune the guitar earlier came back and started chatting with my mom. Come to find out this was they same employee who gave me crap nearly two years ago for buying Igor [read playing Southpaw]. He came to explain how it sucks playing left handed because there are so few left handed guitars to choose from. As a dude who makes him commissions off sales, I can understand where he's coming from; but as a player, it's still not cool.

[Long story short, buy a bass from GC and get treated like crap. Buy a Guitar from GC and get treated like a customer.]       

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