Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Old

Half way though the show it hit me, I love music; I love it enough to try and care for my hands so I can play as long as possible, so I might as fuck take care of my ears so I can hear it all.

I need to get ear plugs.
Maybe it's because I've had several people comment on how mature I am recently, but this realization hit me with a feeling of melancholy. I can still hear that teenage part of myself saying "earplugs are for dorks" but I know my mature self is saying the right thing. I even had to make a post about it on for a pep talk. [They said listen to my mature self, rather shockingly.] I figured that I can get them in a flesh tone [I'm talking custom earplugs here, I refuse to half ass this] and with my hair down, no one will notice them in besides me. My amazing mother has already okay this to be my big Christmas gift this year, so all that's standing in the way is my immature self.    

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