Sunday, November 10, 2013

Musical Debates

I got one of the best compliments, after the show at the post show Denny's trip. One of my friends is a One Direction fan [I know they have one of those cute fandom names, but I'm too lazy to look it up] and apparently they had dropped a single earlier that day; as a result she was begging someone with a smartphone to play the new song.

This lead to some mocking from others in the group and I felt [punch drunkenly] compelled to point out that they might become The Beatles one day. My statement got under the skin of one member of the group who replied with an irate "What?!"

I pointed out how so many rockstars got their start as British Invasion boy bands [The Beatles, Then Animals, The Rolling Stone, The Who...] He brashly pointed his finger at me and started "You are--" but then thought about what I said, changed his demeanor and said "You have a good taste in music, but I disagree with you."

[And that world wide internet is the best compliment I have ever received.]    

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