Thursday, November 7, 2013

With Knowledge Comes Gult

Have I brought up the opener band Lydia enough? If you can't tell, I was very impressed. This was my first real show in over a year I have been to. [By real I mean with opening bands.] In that year I got the majority of my music fix from Youtube, and spending way too much time on

I spend alot of time in the "Band Management" [no, I'm not in a band] sub-forum, I'm just easily entertained by the drama. One thing I have learned is that touring bands don't make shit. They tour for the exposure, and if the band didn't have a big enough nest egg, merch sales dictates whether or not the band eats. The tickets for that show was only $20, so this was definitely one of those tours. I thought about it during the show in passing, but I totally forgot it when I was debating getting a Lydia CD for only $5. [I didn't bite] the result was loads of guilt that still follows me.
Sure I could buy it online for more money, but most of that money would go to the record company instead of the band's pocket.  

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