Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dead Men

Some days I just go on a Youtube binge. Watching every interview and live performance I can get my hands on. This past weekend it was John "The Ox" Entwistle of The Who. He died in 2002 and the majority of his videos are "tribute" videos; and when you look up "interviews" all you get are [insert living person's name] reaction to [dead person]'s death.

Once I actually found some videos of him playing, it was actually really cool. They say that he was the only member of The Who who was unmoving on stage [when compared to Moon, and everyone else] but whoever said that failed to look at his hands.          

Do you see his hands?!? They don't stop doing whatever awesomeness they're doing! The closest to this I've seen was that dude from Primus and that just pales in comparison. 

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