Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grammy Nominations

The Grammy nominations are out, and checking them out is my guilty pleasure. I feel rather conflicted this year because Sara Bareilles is up for record or album [I don't know the difference, I've been wondering this for years] of the year. This is her third album, and like most third albums it's way different from the first two [and I'm not a fan]. I love that someone I think has a great voice is up for recondition, but I don't like the music that is.

Led Zeppelin is up for a few statues too, at first I was sure that someone hacked the site [and quite honestly I'm too lazy to see if someone did] but like I said above, I have no idea how these lists are made. I want to look at these categories as obvious runaways, but then I remember that the winners tend to be best sellers, and I don't know how they fall in their groups. I feel bad for everyone else that stand next to them in those categories, I mean how do you stand next to Led Zeppelin [and possibly] be declared better then them?      

Saw Taylor Swift's name on a list of "song of whatever" and as my eyes were rolling into my head I noticed that her song was the only one with a single writer [herself']. I gotta tip my hat to her for that.

For nostalgia's sake I checked out the Christian music categories, it was the same old people, people I've never heard of, and one person I've never liked.

Finally I noticed one of the categories at the bottom of the list: "Best Historical Album". I don't have the foggiest clue what this is, but I want my name next to it one day. Is it odd to put "obscure grammy" on your bucket list? [When you know your chance of getting it is below zero] Become a famous song writer is my Plan C, behind become a Nun [actually a Sister, but those are totally going to happen in order].             

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